The DRAGONHORDE are taking over

  • 1500 Dragon eggs available
  • Whitelist: 0.079 ETH p/mint
  • Public: 0.079 ETH p/mint
  • Max per wallet: 5
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3 one-of-one legendaries available in our mint
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D1 Dragonhorde include 8 unique scale colours and rarities.

D2 Dragonhorde are our rare dragons and include 7 unique scale colours and rarities.

D3 Dragonhorde are our rarer dragons and include 7 unique scale colours and rarities.

Legendary Dragonhorde are our one of one dynamic arcane Dragons.


Dragonhorde assets can be staked in The Den, with each Dragonhorde counted towards our Soulbound trophy system, unlocking utility within the Moonrunners ecosystem including access to our raffles where you can win NFTs, prizes and experiences. Our collection also includes the ability to reroll your Dragonhorde by burning a weapon in the Alchemy Lab. However this is just the beginning, and will also unlock unparalleled utility with Primordia land and yield generation opportunities for holders.


Enter the Alchemy Lab after our mint, and apply fusion to your Moonrunner and Dragonhorde to create a redacted.



Antix is the Founder of Moonrunners & Dragonhorde, he sets the vision for the project and is across all areas alongside the team. Having founded several IRL businesses and managing businesses at a CEO level, whilst being a degen and collector at heart, Antix is excited in executing on Moonrunners ambitious goals and building a legacy.


Samuel has already shown a remarkable talent for bringing people together and fostering engagement with key partnerships of NFT PLUG include MoonRunners, Supernormal, Trillionaire Thugs, and The Unioverse. He has a passion for developing innovative and sustainable NFT ecosystems and spends a large amount of his time with community and across socials. Samuel is driven to bring the vision of a pixel art entertainment brand to the top of the Open Sea charts and beyond with the team here at MoonRunners. 


Background in Entrepreneurship and Business Management with a passion for innovation. Web3 is the future of technology and economics and day to day life, so this is where I want to help build the next generation of business.

Mr Monkeyagi

Mr Monkey is a business owner and entrepreneur that specializes in business management, marketing and relationship building. Monkey began his Web3 journey investing in crypto like Cardano in 2017 and became interested in NFTs in 2021 where he bought his first NFT, A Bored Ape Yacht Club. He has a strong passion to build, grow and have fun in Web3. 

Captain Kong

Captain Kong is a software engineer with 8 years of industry experience. He has previously worked for the largest German E-Commerce retailer and helped scale their systems to handle some of the largest retail sales events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Started investing in crypto in 2017 and NFTs in 2021, he flipped multiple Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, Gazers etc NFTs. He is excited to be a part of Moonrunners and contribute on the tech side.


Ape Gainz is a skilled developer with four years under their belt, having shifted from an investment bank's FX department to the dynamic world of web3. He is well-versed in both finance and technology and has discovered the ideal space in web3, where his passions come together. Having joined the web3 space in early 2021, he has since contributed to many projects as developer and advisor. In his downtime, he likes going to the gym and playing a bit of chess.


Jess is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience building successful businesses in Web 2. She started in crypto and NFTs in early 2021 and has since become dedicated to bringing organization and structure to projects & teams. Jess is excited to make a positive impact and contribute to the growth of Web 3. 


Cristu is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional with a deep understanding of Web3. With a background as a former CEO of an e-commerce company and two years+ of full-time working in Web3 advising multiple projects, building communities & creating strategic partnerships


Founder of Arcadia, has been in the NFT space for 24 months and has helped launch notable brands in Web3 such as HELIX Metaverse, Arties, Big Time Studios, CotIW (Crunchyroll), and Saishu Mirai.


Former B2B business owner and Co- founder of NFTplugs. The NFTplug team has helped raise more then 15 mill dollar for their notable clients such as Zipcy Supernormal, Trillionaire Thugs and the Unioverse. His specialty is in overall operations, making sure teams are working fluently.


YSL is a talented Web3 strategic marketer and content planner. He joined Web3 in early 2021 and, since then, has helped found prominent projects and companies such as Dark Echelon and OP Network. He has also held numerous advisory and marketing roles in other impressive sold-out projects.


EC is a talented community leader who has helped build some of the biggest projects the space has to offer. Has previously worked with some of the biggest WEB2 IP's on their WEB3 projects. Renault, Homa Games, Estoty Games, Block Games - just to name a few..

Common questions

What are the benefits of holding a Dragon?

Holding a Dragonhorde will be essential with our upcoming yield utility coming to the Moonrunners ecosystem, where we plan to offer unparalleled value and yield with innovative rewards never seen before in WEB3. To maximize your yield benefits, holders will want to keep at least one Dragonhorde staked.
Being a Dragonhorde holder also entitles you to numerous exclusive benefits, experiences, and opportunities including a suite of trading tools with our partners. Our mint includes a reroll function where holders can burn a weapon from our “Moonrunners: Secrets of Primordia” collection to obtain a brand new dragon. We will also be rolling out FUSION, which will involve REDACTED a Moonrunners and Dragonhorde to create a REDACTED.
We have plenty of activations planned for Dragonhorde, including a big feature in our upcoming interactive season 5 lore that Dragonhorde can participate in.

how many Dragons are mintable?

There will be 1500 mintable which includes 3 legendary Dragonhorde. The allocation includes selected top tier partners. Staked Moonrunner wallets will also have the chance to mint at our reduced price.

What’s the collection size?

The collection size is estimated to sit around or less than 4,000 Dragonhorde with the additional blood burn to Dragonhorde functionality rolling out after our mint. Blood was earned through our on-chain Dragon game released in 2022. This will include a total of 15 Legendary Dragonhorde after reroll functionality in The Alchemy Lab, including 1 Legendary Dragonhorde egg which will grant the holder additional benefits.

how do i burn my dragon blood?

Head on over to the Alchemy Lab once our 1500 Dragonhorde mint collection is complete, and select the number of bloods you would like to burn. Exact burn statistics will be found in the Alchemy Lab that will break down the number of bloods you need to burn to redeem one Dragonhorde at each rarity level. The burn function is open perpetually, and can be done at any time. Blood to Dragonhorde rarity corresponds to the rarity of blood burn. E.G 1 Rare Nebu blood = 1 Rare D3 Dragonhorde.

What is the mint price?

Whitelist: 0.079 ETH per Dragonhorde, max 2 per transaction.
Public: 0.079 ETH per Dragonhorde, max 2 per transaction.

when is the reveal?

The reveal from incubators to Dragonhorde will be approx 3-7 days. Legendaries will be revealed after D1,D2,D3 separately.

how do i secure a whitelist?

Moonrunners has partnered with top tier projects and has allocated spots DTC for holders within these communities. You can also earn a whitelist spot by playing the Dragonhorde - Flappy Dragon game prior to 23rd of April, EST. You can also earn a whitelist spot by staking your Moonrunners in The Den, we will whitelist those wallets that are staked.

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Top 10 weekly leaderboard wins whitelist access to our drop, with a REDACTED prize for our top 3 leaderboard placements.

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